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Fetish Life

if You want to experience, you of limits of the so-called normal sexuality is beyond? Maybe you have a secret Fetish that appears to you, but so unusual that you don't dare to live it. In both cases, you're in the right place, because the taboos we don't know, only what appeals to people, and since the bandwidth is very large.

love the special - this is the Motto of Fetish Life, a Motto that we implement for our guests in different ways. With us you can find everything, also the premises in which the game is the Fetish absorbs really travel. You can find a SM-Studio, we are fetish clinic, rubber clinic, or the OP-area - sure, that inspires your imagination. Also, you can if you want to enjoy the game fully, a stationary long-time book stays and you Fetish-technically once its fun.


of Course, should be your life, even outside under the Motto of the Fetish. You can have a dominant companion for SM-parties, or to have a really strict companion on the business trip - the perfect way for a busy day in boring Meetings end!

What is for us in the Fetish Life, it is particularly important that our guests can fall. Nothing is concealed in shame, but the lives, what is there. Our staff is discreet, so that you feel you can. Your Fetish belongs to you - we offer you the appropriate Setting and the props for unadulterated, bizarre hours!

Fetish Life Member

Register and take advantage of current News and and mandatory for all guests of the images from our Studio, or you are a VIP Member. Our VIP-Member area offers uncensored insights into the clinic - or BDSM-Sessions.