Swetlana Heffner

She gives you the love and affection you need, provides you with assistance in the worst of times with you together to get back up.

A kind of life counselor. In addition, she has the gift to everyone, but really every desire, every fantasy, idea to find out and meet with 100% guarantee.

you can take you also to the Hand, and a completely new – you never dreamt-of world in which you indulges you. She is always fair and honest. Hard but fair. Takes no sheet before the mouth, and argues that any Thesis. It is so versatile and for everyone just Right. Mistress Natasha transformed in exactly the playmate, a life counselor or shrink you need.

don't hesitate So long – It's only once!!!


  • The Snowboard
  • The Fitness
  • The figure skating
  • The Chess
  • The Tennis
  • The Squash court
  • The Yoga
  • The Biathlon